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I am an award winning short film director based in Edinburgh, Scotland, currently developing a slate of short films and writing a feature film, Goodbye Eli.

I was born and raised in Taiwan in 1984 and moved to U.K in 2000, and after graduating from a BSc degree in Pharmacology at University of Edinburgh, I decided to pursue Photography which later leads to Filmmaking.

I learned filmmaker by making, through taking professional screenwriting and directing workshop, working on friend’s project,  reading, writing, and watching lots of films. I am inspired by a lot of European filmmakers, Claire Denis, Lynn Ramsay, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Theo Angelopoulos, Carl Dreyer, the list goes on and on.
In 2010, my first short film as writer and director, A Lifetime, won the 3rd prize at Glenrothes Short Film Festival and is praised for striking cinematography and visual storytelling. The film had since travelled the world to many countries and cinemas.

Between 2010 and 2015, I had a busy careere working as Script and Conutinuity Supervisor, working on a large number of award winning short film and features films, learning and working from some of the best Scottish Talent. The experience is invaluable as I learned to edit the film in my head while on set, and is often required to communicate with different department. You can see my full IMDB credit HERE.
I had also been through a few talent development scheme in UK as an upcoming writer and director.
2012 - Talent Lab at "Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF)"
2013 - Foot in the Door with "Glasgow Media Access Centre (GMAC)"
2015 - Talent Lab 2015 with "B3 Media"
In 2015, my short film script, V Day, about a Taiwanese students eventful journey on Valentine’s Day, was selected by “Take 5” project by Screen Education Edinburgh and was made with funding from Arts Trust Scotland. The Film is currently being submitted to film festivals.
Apart from narrative filmmaking, I become attracted to non-verbal way of communication and expression, probably due to my foreigner nature, and it leads a series of beautiful exploration in Dance Film and Videos, where I worked with choregraphers and dancers to create abstract movement and visuals.
I am always on the outlook for interesting project, script, and ideas, if you want to collaborate, please feel free to get in touch.
V DAY (2015)
Short Drama/7min30secs/Producer: Lindsay McGee/Braw Films
As Writer/Director
The script was selected by “Take 5” short film scheme by Screen Education Edinburgh.
Funded by Arts Trust Scotland

The Wedding (2015)
Music Video/2min41s

TRACE (2013)
Dance Film/7min/Producer: Lauren Lamarr/Demure Media
Funded by Arts Trust Scotland
2013 Aberdeen DanceLive DANCEFILM SHOWCASE
2014 VIII São Carlos Videodance Festival

Ten Minutes More (2013)
Music Video/4min51s/Producer: Julie Kawaii

Dance Film/6min30s
In Collaboration with Skye Reynolds, Jung-In Jung and Tamsin Russell

2012 Sonica: Sonic art for the visually minded 2012 in CCA Glasgow
2013 Let's Dance Exhibition at MacRobert Art Centre Stirling
2013 DANCE LIVE - Dance Film Showcase at Belmont Picturehouse
2014 VIII São Carlos Videodance Festival

Soup-er Times (2011)
Commercial/90s/Producer: Katie Crook/Blue Iris Films
As Writer/Director
Winner of the 3rd Place for Campbell, MoFilm Competition BFI London 2011

Living the Dream (2011)
As Writer/Director/Producer
Winner of Special Award at Edinburgh 48hr Film Challenge 2011

A Lifetime (2010)
Short Drama/3mins/
Co-Producer, Director and Writer with Charmaine Gilbert
3rd Place in short film competition in Glenrothes Film Festival 2010
3rd Place in Palme-Dewar Short Film Competition 2010

2010 Poetry x Film, Free Fringe 2010
2010 Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh
2010 Focus Left, Arches Theatre Glasgow with live narration with the actress Wendy Barrett
2011 Short Cinema at Phoenix Cinema, East Finchley
2011 Edinburgh Short Film Club at Edinburgh Cameo
2012 "Special Selection" Cinefest Taiwan New Talent 2012, screened in London and Paris
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