Winner of the "Special Award" at 48Hour Film Competition 2011, Edinburgh
Genre: Comedy
Character: Willie or Wilma Brown the Builder
Prop: Salt Shaker
Line: Quit Your Havering
The film is a behind the scene documentary of a film production, with interview of the director, actress, cinematographer and composer all talking about their aspiration and dreams, but are they living their dreams? You will find out at the end of the film.
The Cast:
Isabelle Gilbert - Giesela Steinhart, The Director
LaVerne Hawthorne - Annabel Dahlia, The Actress
Ben Winger - Robert Peg, The DoP
Robert Howat - Lachlan D Macleod, The Composer
Howat Robert - Willie the Builder
Jasmin Egner - Yasmine McKee, The Writer
The Film Crew - The Crew
The Crews:
Gillian Morrison
Chih Peng Lucas Kao 
Chih Peng Lucas Kao 
Story and Characters by:
LaVerne Hawthorne
Robert Howat
Ben Winger
Isabelle Gilbert
Gillian Morrison
Robbie Jones
Pete Harper
Director of Photography:
Pete Harper
Camera Assistant:
Alan C McLaughlin
Robbie Jones 
Chih Peng Lucas Kao 
Sound Recordist/Mixer:
David McKeitch
Clapper/Production Assistant:
Jelizaveta Burhanova
Mingtse Chen
Peter Gordon
Peter Gordon
Special Thanks to:
Olivia Gifford, 
Charmaine Gilbert, 
Divino Enoteca, 
Spoon Cafe & Bistro
A private i production 2011
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