This brand video was made for the brand "Campbell" as part of the MoFilm brand video Competition at BFI 2011 and won the 3rd Prize.


Mark – Jamie McInnes
Janice - Annabel Logan
Chauffeur – Alex Donald


Producer: Katie Crook / Blue Iris Films

Director/Writer: Chih-Peng Lucas Kao

Cinematographer: Garry Torrance

Editor: Jonathan Ley

Composer: David Hepburn Watson

Sound Recordist and Mixer: Ross Buchanan

Camera Assistant:Pete Harper & Siobhan Shields

Production Assistant: Siobhan Shields

Costume and Props: Lucas Kao, Olivia Gifford, Katie Crook

Campbell Man, character designed by: Peter Greeves

Special Thanks to: Eva Riley, Hsin-Shao Chang, David Broadbent, Jane Green, Margiottas, Christ Church Morningside, Nan-Wei Wu, Liang-Ping Yen, Napier University, St Margarets Arts Complex
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