2013/10/21 Aberdeen DanceLive DANCEFILM SHOWCASE
2014/07/17 VIII São Carlos Videodance Festival 
Inspired by T.S. Eliot’s “Burnt Norton”, Trace is a short dance film that explores the very notion of ‘what if’- the speculation surrounding the options we didn’t choose and the paths we didn’t take. Filmed in an underground carpark in Glasgow, in collaboration with a parkour artist and ballet dancer, Trace depicts a man lost in reverie and rumination.
CREDIT: 中英文演職員表
Man - Daniel Cahill
Dream - Mark George Samaras
Producers 製片
Lauren Larmar
Fiona Morrison
Concept (原創主意) by Fiona Morrison and Scott Morrison 
Choreographed (編舞) by Daniel Cahill and Mark George Samaras
Director: Chih Peng Lucas Kao (導演)
Cinematography: (攝影指導)
Ansgar Hoeckh
Steve Cardno
Editor (剪接): Karel Donak 
Colourist (調色 ): Steven Cook 
Composer 編曲 : Scott Morrison
Sound Designer/Mixer: 混音/聲音設計
Ross Buchanan
Score Recorded 音樂錄音 by Matthew Gordon
Production Designer 美術指導
Fiona Morrison
Costume 服裝設計
Fiona Morrison
Script Supervisor 場記
Heather C
Stills: 幕後攝影
Katharine KK Kennedy
Special Thanks 特別感謝 to: Kayleigh Sutherland, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, John and Heidi, Pentgon Centre, Kenn Burke, Dance School of Scotland, Scott Forrest, Maggie Powell, Art Trust Scotland
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